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Posted on: January 3, 2020

Harrisonville renewable energy options remain in place entering 2024

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For those wanting to use renewable energy in Harrisonville, here are a few things the City wants you to know.

The City of Harrisonville currently possesses a net metering agreement for interconnection of a distributed generation source.  Our policy, agreement and application reflect the standards set by the Net Metering and Easy Connect Act (ECA). 

Net metering is available to customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the total rated generating capacity of the net-metering system equals 5% of the utility’s single hour peak load during the previous year. 

Simple interconnection procedures that standardize interconnection for all Missourians are necessary to promote the use of renewable energy in Missouri.  The ECA makes it easier for Missourians to connect small renewable energy systems to the grid.

As solar power becomes more popular, fraudulent contractors prey on those who are unfamiliar with their product.  Be sure to conduct thorough research on all aspects of any system before making the investment.  Here are a few questions you should ask when speaking with a solar installer:

•    Ask for references. An experienced installer will be able to provide you with references of previous customers.

•    Ask about the number of installations they have completed.

•    Are they NABCEP Certified? This is the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Professionals who choose to become certified demonstrate their competence in the field and their commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice. (Check for for a list of installers)

•    Service. Are they local? If there are any issues, are they nearby to resolve them quickly?

•    Do they carry workman’s compensation and liability insurance?

•    Are they licensed electricians who do all the work in house or do they subcontract the entire job?

•    Do they size the system properly? They should be able to present expected monthly output and compare that with historic monthly use. Call our Utility Office for your historic monthly usage.

•    Do they explain tilt, azimuth or shade issues? These are all important factors in how your solar energy system will perform.

•    Beware of some “buy now, pay later” and solar leasing offers. Research them thoroughly as they could significantly increase your overall long-term investment.

The City of Harrisonville supports renewable energy. Customers are encouraged to do research before spending the money needed to add solar or any type of renewable energy source to their home.  

For information on City of Harrisonville Net Metering Ordinance 700.175 please call (816) 380-8968.

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