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Current News from the Harrisonville Building Division:

Here are some safety tips for you, as fall approaches. 


The Building Division oversees all development and building activity within the City of Harrisonville. Specific activities include:

  • Building permitting and inspection
  • Plan review
  • Signs
  • Property Maintenance Ordinances
  • Nuisance Abatement


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Building Permitting, Plan Review & Inspection 

Building permitting and inspection ensures that all construction undertaken within the city complies with established minimum construction standards. Such oversight maintains public safety standards within our buildings and keeps property values high. Building Division personnel will review construction plans, issue all applicable permits, and conduct building inspections before approving and issuing certificates of occupancy. Building Division Documents

Sign Regulation

Sign regulation helps to maintain and enhance the City's aesthetic environment and our ability to attract sources of economic development and growth. It also provides for a desirable and attractive living environment through harmonious signage. 

View an informational bulletin regarding our sign ordinance (PDF)

Property Maintenance Ordinances 

Property maintenance ordinances ensures that buildings and properties within the city are properly maintained. Those with an appearance which has a blighting effect on a neighborhood are required to be repaired and restored to good condition. 

Building Permits

As of May 9, 2017, permit applications and fee payments will no longer be processed over the phone. Permits can still be applied for online. All permit fees will need to be paid for at City Hall at the time of permit pick up.   

Roof Replacement  

As of July 1, 2017, the building division will no longer require permitting for residential roof replacement jobs unless there is structural repair or major mechanical/electrical /plumbing work involved. Roofing contractors are still required to have a current business license and jobs will be spot checked for this. Please remember, all roof replacement jobs are still required to be done in compliance with the current adopted building codes.

Missouri Law Regarding Demolition and Construction Waste NOTICE: 

The disposal of demolition and constructions waste is regulated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under Chapter 260, RSMo. Such wastes in types and quantities established by the department shall be taken to a demolition landfill or a sanitary landfill for disposal. Any person who engages in building construction, modification or demolition that produces demolition waste, in types and quantities established by the department, shall maintain records of sites used for demolition waste disposal for a period of one year. These records shall be made available to the department upon request.

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