About the SilverSneakers® Program

SilverSneakersHarrisonville Parks & Recreation has entered into, what we believe, is a rewarding partnership with Healthways. Healthways is the leading provider of specialized comprehensive Health and Care Support solutions to help millions of people maintain or improve their health and, as a result, reduce overall health care costs. As a product of this partnership HPR now offers the SilverSneakers® program!

Healthways' SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is the nation's leading fitness program designed exclusively for older adults. Adults over age 65 who adopt a physically active lifestyle can substantially improve their health to get more out of life. Providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use fitness program is proving to be a viable solution for health plans, their members, and participating locations. Needless to say, we believe this partnership is rewarding for all involved!

SilverSneakers® members of a sponsoring health plan receive a no-cost basic membership (to the HCC) that includes the opportunity to participate in the signature SilverSneakers® Group X program (titled 'MSROM' - Muscular Strength, Range of Motion). The MSROM class is all about having fun and moving to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills.

It is recommended that you consult your insurance representative about your eligibility with the SilverSneakers® program. If you are not a member of the program, your insurance representative will be able to tell you how you can enroll. If you are already a member of the program, Healthways either already has or will be mailing you a Healthways / SilverSneakers® membership card. Regardless of whether or not you have received your Healthways / SilverSneakers® membership card, you can visit us at the Community Center and we'll be able to sign you up for your HCC membership! (**Please be advised that if you do not have your membership card yet the sign-up process may take longer than usual.)


If you have any questions about our SilverSneakers® program please email Nichole Cogbill, Recreation and Members Services Manager today!

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