Board of Zoning Adjustments

The Board of Zoning Adjustments meets on the second Tuesday of each month as needed at City Hall.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Board of Zoning Adjustments' duties are to hold hearings and make decisions concerning requests for variances from the zoning ordinance. Such variances are not granted for specific uses, but from requests concerning specific performance criteria such as setbacks or height requirements.

Board Members

The Board of Zoning Adjustments is a five-member body appointed by the mayor with approval of the Board of Aldermen.

Term Expiration
Jerry Saling (Alternate)
October 2023
Shannon Sipple October 2020
Jennifer Peters October 2020
Chris O'Connell, Chairman October 2020
Viola Wieberg October 2021
Norma Keltner October 2021
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development Planner  
Secretary: Jaime Martin, Community Development