Reporting a Traffic Concern

Reporting a Traffic Concern

If you have a traffic concern or a traffic safety problem in your area or wish to request placement of the Speed Monitoring Awareness Response Trailer (SMART) in your neighborhood, contact the Harrisonville Police Department at 816-380-8940.

If the problem is with a particular vehicle, please provide as much description information as you can, including the direction of travel, the color of vehicle, make / model of vehicle, license plate number, number of occupants, and what the vehicle was doing to concern you.

If the problem is ongoing in your area, provide a time frame in which the traffic violations mostly occur and any particular streets and directions of travel. Depending on the availability of officers, it may be possible to conduct extra traffic patrol in the area during a certain time frame.

Promoting Traffic Safety

There are many ways the department enforces and promotes traffic safety, including:

  • Vehicle Stops by Patrol Officers
  • Speed Monitoring Awareness Response Trailer (SMART) Placement 
    • SMART Units are deployed curbside in problem areas; the lighted display on the rear of the trailer indicates the approaching vehicle's speed, helping drivers maintain awareness of their actual speed
    • The units are highly effective when deployed; unfortunately, statistics show that their speed reducing effects are only temporary, and fade after the units are removed
  • STEP Grants
  • DWI Enforcement
    • Officers participate in DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) wolf pack assignments where officers do not handle calls for service, and instead, look for and stop impaired drivers