Electric Utility

Electric Department Building on Royal Street

Here's how Harrisonville gets its electric for you, our customer.
Harrisonville purchases wholesale electric power from the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC). MJMEUC is a separate governmental entity for the purpose of pooling the electric utility resources of the pool members and acquiring additional electric services as a separate entity, making possible more beneficial use of generating facilities and assuring better service in emergencies.

The Electric Department oversees the distribution of this power to retail customers within the city limits of Harrisonville. The City of Harrisonville currently serves approximately 4,744 electrical customers. To notify the city about an electrical outage after hours, dial 816-380-8940

Services / Programs

The division is responsible for constructing and maintaining the electric distribution lines and transmission lines, service lines, substations, transformers, and other related and supportive equipment required for the safe and reliable delivery of electrical service to local customers:

  • Tree trimming and right-of-way management
  • Public relations programs in the community
  • Promotion of electrical safety and general awareness
  • Response to all emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Maintenance of city street lighting
  • Provide temporary electrical service for special events
  • Assist other city crews as necessary with tree removal, material handling, lifting, etc.

Facilities / Distribution Lines

On April 5, 2002, the city held a dedication ceremony for the new electric division office space at 2108 Royal Street. In addition to this building, the division maintains three other facilities:

  • North Substation is located on N. Independence Street
  • South Substation is located just east of Independence Street and south of Missouri Highway 2 (South Street)
  • Royal Street Substation has located just east of MO 291 Highway and on the north side of Royal Street near the new electric building site
  • 8.68 miles of 69KV (69,000 volts) transmission lines
  • 3-mile 69KV loop running around the perimeter of the city to maintain reliability
  • 68.05 miles of 12.47KV (12,470 volts) of overhead distribution lines
  • 10 miles of 12.47KV (12,470 volts) of underground distribution lines

The City of Harrisonville Electric Department received the award for national recognition of Reliable Electric Operations from the American Public Power Association in 2015. Harrisonville is one of the 97 electric utilities to be so honored in 2015 of the nation's over 2,000 public power utilities for the highest degree of reliable and safe electric services.

Temporary Residential Electric Diagram (PDF)
Service Reliability (PDF)
Spring Storm Safety (PDF)

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